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We believe biking is for everyone. Bikes connect us to the outdoors and deliver a feeling of freedom. Our mission is to make mountain and trail biking more accessible to everyone, so everyone can experience the challenge, fun, and joy of finding their Line.

We’re breaking down the top barriers to experiencing the trails:

  • Access to the right equipment - Bikes are expensive, hard to transport, store, and maintain.  We are putting the right bikes and equipment, where you need them, when you need them.  Rental bikes, set up for you at the point of use, allows us to help you with the right bike for the type of ride you want to do. It's as easy as going for a hike - no need to worry about gear.  We got you! 

  • Gain confidence & reduce risk - Mountain biking and trail riding have been portrayed as extreme sports. We're here to debunk that!  Trail riding can be as chill as a cruise down a flat trail or as extreme as you want to take it.  We support all riders to get out and experience biking in their own way, on terrain that they feel comfortable on.  To help on the journey, we're developing skills coaching for new riders to pros.

  • Know where to ride - It can be intimidating to get started - and one of the main questions is where do I go?  We can help you if this is the first time on a trail or you are a pro level rider looking for a new challenge.  We're located in the heart of some of the best riding in the world.  We've ridden them all and can often tell you current conditions of everything out there.  Come to our North Bend Experience Center or one of our Trailhead locations, and we can get you going withg uidance on the trails that are right for every skill level.

The future of bicycle experiences - so much more than a bike shop!

This is just the beginning. The Line is developing the next big disruption for the sport of mountain biking.  A big idea, developed to introduce the sport to everyone. 

  • We’re creating new and better opportunities for coaches to teach and for riders of all abilities to learn. - contact us or call for more info.

  • We’ll bring new experiences to the places mountain biking happens now, and bring mountain biking to the places where it seems out of reach. Look for the first deployments of The Line Trailhead ™ this fall, which will place containers of rental bikes and equipment right by popular trails - no car racks needed!

  • We have bike storage and bike valet close to the trails. Need a place to keep your bike (or hide the latest one from your significant other)?  We’ve got you covered. 

  • Our outdoor event space is a great place to entertain, host demo days or movie nights, or just relax with your friends après ride, with a great view of Mt Si!  Everyone is welcome.

The Line is devoted to sustainability, safety, inclusion, and respectful recreation.  

If you’re curious and you want to know more, follow us on instagram and facebook or email us.

Line Bike Ribbon Cutting


Five friends with a passion for helping people experience the great outdoors (along with the Mayor)

How it began:

A few years ago, Mike left the corporate world. Supported by his wife Alex, he began a journey to better understand the business and lifestyles of mountain biking. It was clear that sport was not as diverse or as large as other sports and Mike wanted to understand why. The first phase was Edgar Bikes.  Mike  ormed a small bike shop focused on premium brands and service, devoted to riders with progression in mind. Custom bike builds, high end parts and wheels and a deep dive into bike technology, suspension setup, tuning and service. He obtained certifications in rebuilding suspension, service and tuning. Seeing the benefits  for riders across the spectrum of experience, he started to look more at the business of mountain bikes and something became very clear.

Mountain biking is stuck:  

With his experience in strategic planning, user experience design, and market disruption, Mike found a key insight:

  • Mountain bikers represent a very small slice of outdoor recreation - but about 10x more people would try the sport if they could.
  • This is a huge potential community of outdoor enthusiasts: 72 million people who want to try bikes but can't.

Alex and Mike began to look at the problem:  why is mountain biking so small when it is so transformative, beneficial, and fun? How do we get more people to try it? They gained the following insights:

The three barriers:

  • Access to equipment - bikes are EXPENSIVE. most people believe they need to buy a bike right away. this usually means people tend towards lower cost bikes, which can compromise the experience and often are not suitable to the type of riding they want to do. it also means they need to transport the bike and store it. add a family and you have a pretty major set of gear to deal with.

  • Perception of risk - People immediately have the thought of crashing or getting hurt. Mountain biking has been portrayed as an extreme sport. It can be...but for most it's a lot like hiking; easy to get starte, . and it offers an experience that no other sport can match...even on a nice gravel trail. Gravel biking offers the fun and speed of a road bike, but no cars!

  • Where to go - If you aren’t a "mountain biker" or "gravel rider," you can quickly feel out of your element. We are here to help point you in the right direction and get you to a trail or location best suited to your experience level and type of ride you want to do. From easy gravel rails to trails to black diamond rated trails, we give you personal guidance on the best trails for you to find your next line.


When you ride you can take the easy line, the hard line, the technical line, the flow line, you can cross the line, draw a line or step over the line. We are devoted to helping people find THEIR line. It all begins with the love of bikes and what they do. Bikes are magical. They focus you, get you out of your head, challenge you, free you, bring you together, take you places and capture your imagination. We believe in bikes and what they represent. Add trails to bikes and you have a whole new world of exploration, self-discovery, challenge and success, pride and effort. We want to help the world experience that. Too many people think trail biking is out of reach, too extreme, too expensive, too much work, too hard.

The Line was created to build on the amazing work of organizations like Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance which has championed building some of the best trails in the world -- right here in the beautiful PNW.  Land access is only one part of the equation. Access to equipment, perception of risk and where those trails are, all stand in the way of opening the sport to everyone.  Mountain biking, gravel biking, and trail riding should be available to all.


Mike Kunz – CEO

Mike has a background in Graphic Design, marketing and strategic business planning. He is passionate about gear, bikes, and helping people experience the joy, challenge, growth and magic of mountain, gravel and trail bikes. He is a coach, suspension tech, hole digger, bike tech and the Lines head of mopping. He started Edgar Bikes to get into and know the bike industry and found a need for deep suspension knowledge. He was a coach for the Washington state student league for three years, holds multiple certifications for coaching and bike tech programs. Specializes in geeking out about suspension and helping people achieve the best ride possible. He participates in big races on occasion. The past year Mike has been working hard to remodel our new building from a very old 87-year history as a gas station and auto repair center.

  • Expertise in strategic planning, graphic design, brand strategy, design thinking, and innovation.
  • 30 years of mountain biking experience as a coach, shop owner, suspension specialist, and suspension software developer.
  • Professional experience includes 5 years at Procter & Gamble, 1 year at Amazon, and 12 years at Microsoft.

Sheryl Tullis - CMO

  • Outdoor enthusiast, former triathlete/adventure racer. Created Sweatworking events for women for active networking
  • West Point graduate / Captain in U.S. Army Information Systems
  • 5 years at Procter & Gamble, 9 years at Microsoft, 3 years in mobile tech, 9 years in technology firms
  • Chief Marketing Officer / Board of Advisors for TA Group Holdings portfolio of companies; business & brand strategy, exec leadership

Stephen Murakami-COO

  • 24 years of experience, designing and building community schools in the Puget Sound Area
  • 15 years as an architect, 6 years as COO of Tacoma Public Schools, and now 3 years as an owner’s rep leading the design and construction process for local school districts.
  • 30 years of mountain biking experience, shops, coaching and riding, current coach of the Lake Washington Composite Team (Redmond/Kirkland/Sammamish/Bellevue)

Alexandra Kunz – Finance Advisor and investor

  • Acquisition Integration for Microsoft with focus on business strategy, financial management, and people leadership
  • 23 years at Microsoft with finance roles partnering with Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT, and Corporate Functions
  • Avid Mountain biker and support crew for over 20 years

James Skinner – Retail and Rental Manager

  • 16+ Years at REI. Bike rental, sales and customer interactions
  • Passionate athlete and loves getting people out on two wheels to enjoy our mountains
  • PNW native, avid mountain biker for over 16 years


Friends, neighbors, social riders, pros, coaches, and riding buddies to be!  No matter who you are or where you ride, you can find your people at The Line.

Pride Ride at Rattlesnake Lake
Group Ride in front of the Line Bike
Backyard Party
Group Instruction

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